Walking Mt. Baker

Volt Heated Slippers

Web Commercial

The director at 3V came to us with two goals: to reach a younger, more active audience, and to show that these slippers weren’t just for lounging on the couch. Rather than talk about the Volt Heated Slippers, we decided to show them in action on the slopes of Mount Baker.

After a full day of outdoor use, these slippers were still toasty warm and like brand new. A great product from a great company.


All American Marine

Promotional Video
Sales DVD
Trade Show Loop

We’ve gone viral! Our latest video with AAM received national press and jumped from less than 1,000 views to nearly 30,000 views in 2 days. While this doesn’t match the buzz of the latest Lady Gaga video, we’re thrilled that a great product combined with great production values can create this much interest. Thanks, as always, to All American Marine for having us as part of their marketing team.

Explore Bellingham’s Maritime History

Bellingham Maritime Museum

Fundraising Video

5 years ago, I made this video for the Bellingham Maritime Museum. We recently updated the video to include new footage of the museum’s most recent endeavors. Although the video is a few years old (and originally shot on a now outdated standard-definition camera) it continues to tell a great story of this amazing little museum –  and shows how a video done right can serve you for many years.

I often work with organizations that are on a limited budget and need to get maximum value out of their investment. For these organizations, the upfront costs of a video can be daunting. By going beyond the latest trends and gimmicks, and by focusing on the message, the emotion, and the story, a great video will continue to work for many years. This video has served the museum for 5 years and will continue to engage visitors and raise much needed funds well into the future.  A very healthy return on the investment.

Stormwater University

RE Sources, City of Bellingham, and the Department of Ecology

Educational Video Series

One of a series of 4 videos we produced in a collaboration with RE Sources, the City of Bellingham, and the Department of Ecology.  Distributed both as a DVD and on the web, the videos are being used throughout the Northwest to help individuals and businesses take the first steps to inspecting and maintaining their stormwater systems.

Kobe and the Turdee Tote

Turdee Tote

Web Commercial
Trade Show Video

With on-screen talent like Kobe the Shiba Inu, this video was sure to be a success. Almost immediately this video began appearing on websites and blogs dedicated to dog-lovers, spreading the word about the Turdee Tote to the perfect audience. A great example of how the right video can help spread your message in unexpected ways.

Disappearing Arts

Allied Arts of Whatcom County

Fundraising Video
Local PSA

I believe a bit of humor is one of the best ways to break-the-ice when sharing an important message. With art education rapidly disappearing in schools, I worked with the Allied Arts Education Program (AAEP) to craft a fun video that showed the importance of art in all of our lives.

On a personal note as an artist, I often hear the argument that art “helps kids succeed in math” or “makes them happier.” While these are important, I believe artistic vision and creativity are important for their own sake and have practical value in today’s world. They need no external benefits to be worth saving. It was thrilling to work with such a great group of creative people to share this message.

Thank you to actor Tim Bradbury for his work in this video.

Strawberry Festival

Marysville Strawberry Festival

Television Commercial

I f you like carnival rides, strawberry shortcakes, and you want to watch grown men and women ride tricycles in the ever-popular Trike Race, then this is the spot for you. This television commercial was produced for the Marysville Strawberry Festival.

I’d like to think this commercial was the key to their success, but after 82 consecutive years of Strawberry Festivals, I have to admit they had a pretty big following long before I got involved. A big thanks to all who made this commercial possible.

The Prodigal Son

Cornwall Church

Short Film

A modern version of the Prodigal Son story. Originally created for Cornwall Church, the video has gone on to be shown at churches and community organizations across the county as a way of introducing the story. This video is part 1 of 3. The other two parts can be found on vimeo by searching for Prodigal Son.

I have received considerable interest from churches and other organizations who would like to show these videos or use them in service. The series was originally created for Cornwall Church in Bellingham, Washington, and the church is happy to donate use of the videos with anyone interested in sharing the message. Churches or community organizations focused on positive change are welcome to download the videos. For more information on showing the video in your service, feel free to contact us. And please let us know … we always like to hear nice things and know who is watching our work.