video portfolio

Canoe Journey

NW Indigenous News

News / Documentary

For the past 3 years I’ve had the honor of following the Tribal Canoe Journey and documenting the event. Each year, I am amazed at the dedication of the paddlers and support crew, and the generosity of the community. This year’s landing at Quinault was no exception.

Thank you to the many Nations that participate for sharing your stories and songs. And thank you to Northwest Indian News for continuing to produce such great work. The above is an excerpt from the full 30-minute episode which can be found at

Good Morning

Gypsies and Gingersnaps

Social Media Promotion

Part of a social media campaign for one of my favorite bakeries, “Gypsies and Gingersnaps.” We created several versions of the video, each with a different discount or message on the final screen, and the video was shared through Facebook and other social media outlets.

Ski to Sea ESB

Boundary Bay Brewery

Social Media video

In preparation for the annual Ski to Sea event in Bellingham, we made this fun and simple video showing the canning of Boundary Bay’s popular Ski to Sea ESB. Thanks to some great visuals and an awesome track by the Gallus Brothers, I’m ready for the weekend.


Travel in Style

Kickstarter Video

Our first kickstarter video! Once I tried out the Bed Pak I was sold. All your stuff and a comfortable bed, rolled up in one. Our goal with this video was simple – to show the Bed Pak in action and to give the audience a chance to learn about how and why it was created.


Personal Project

Web Video

A meditation of puddles in downtown Bellingham, Washington. The amazing music is by my dear friend Dean Evenson from his CD “Wood Over Water” – available at: There is lots of great music on the site.

This project came about on the way home from a shoot that was pushed back to a different day due to rain. Basically, this is what happens when I get too much time on my hands.


Semiahmoo Condominiums

Real Estate Video

A tour of the Marin Condominiums in Semiahmoo. This video was created to launch sales of the Marin Condos. Soon after we released the video, a few of the images were picked up by a Canadian Television News Station and broadcast throughout the area. Quite a nice reach for a simple video.

Stormwater University

Stormwater Partnership

City of Bellingham,
Department of Ecology

Educational Video Series

One of a series of 4 videos we produced in a collaboration with RE Sources, the City of Bellingham, and the Department of Ecology. Distributed both as a DVD and on the web, the videos are being used throughout the Northwest to help individuals and businesses take the first steps to inspecting and maintaining their stormwater systems.