video portfolio

The Next 50 Years

Island Hospital


This video was part of a successful campaign to raise much needed funds for the Island Hospital. Our goal was to create a video that touched the heart, that shared the stories of the doctors, staff and patients, and showed how Island Hospital touches people’s lives.

According to inside sources, on the first viewing there “wasn’t a dry eye in the house,” and the campaign raised nearly $250,000. Nothing tells an emotional story like film and video.


Joe’s Story

Social Media

This video was part of a social media campaign to share the stories of the inventors and innovators that have benefited from the work of the NWIRC (Northwest Innovation Resource Center). The videos raised over $45,000 on indigogo.

Squalicum Creek

City of Bellingham


The re-route of Squalicum Creek improved water quality and opened up miles of important salmon habitat. This video is one of a series of programs for local television highlighting the stream restoration efforts of the City of Bellingham and the local community. The restoration project was a huge success, and shortly after the release of this video the first salmon was spotted in the new creek.

Master Auto Tech

Taking Care of People

Web Video

The crew at Master Auto Tech is about more than just servicing cars – they are about helping people. With this mission in mind, we realized that the typical auto repair shop commercial showing another mechanic repairing another broken-down car wasn’t going to cut it.

Instead we challenged ourselves to take the viewer out of the shop, and to make a video about the people. At the end of the day, its not about turning a wrench, its about customers enjoying the performance, safety and reliability that comes from having a car serviced at Master Auto Tech.

Yes We Can


Public Awareness

When RE Sources asked me to make a video featuring people having fun and drinking canned beer – I was sold.  This video was created to invite people to the RE Sources “Yes We Can” event, and to get people thinking about the virtues of canned beer.



Product Video

Whis Kickstarter campaign doubled its funding goals in less than a week, thanks in part to our video. Our goal was to get people excited about the Clingies Towels and to show the product in action. We also wanted to have fun – a big part of the Clingies’ brand.  A big thanks to inventor Charles Harris and his clear vision and direction for making this video and the campaign a huge success.


All American Marine

Promotional Video
Sales DVD
Trade Show Loop
Product Video

We’ve gone viral! Our latest video with AAM received national press and jumped from less than 1,000 views to nearly 30,000 views in 2 days. While this doesn’t match the buzz of the latest Lady Gaga video, we’re thrilled that a great product combined with great production values can create this much interest. Thanks, as always, to All American Marine for having us as part of their marketing team.