video portfolio

Padden Creek Daylighting

City of Bellingham

Local Television
and outreach

The Padden Creek Daylighting project creates a new stream corridor through town, and opens up several miles of important salmon habitat. Since I am fortunate enough to live near the creek, I was thrilled to be involved in sharing the history and significance of the project.

This video is one of several videos I have produced with the City of Bellingham to share the city’s important efforts in stream restoration. We are currently planning future videos to show the progress at Padden Creek as the vegetation matures and the salmon return.

Give Ideas Life

NW Inovation Resource Center

Indigogo Campaign
Social Media
Fundraising Opener

When the team at the NWIRC told me they help inventors who are stuck with their ideas on “the back of a napkin” –  I immediately saw this video come to life.

This video helped raise over $45,000 on Indigogo, and has been part of an ongoing social media campaign. The video also continues to be used to open fundraising and PR events, giving the presentations an extra touch of charm.

King County Water Taxi

All American Marine

Web and Trade Show
Promotional Video

All American Marine continues to be one of the world’s premier builders of quality, aluminum catamarans. This video highlights the unique features of AAM’s most recent vessels: the “Sally Fox” and the “Doc Maynard”.  Built for King County, these boats make the run from the Seattle waterfront to Vashon Island and I had a chance to film the maiden voyage.

All American Marine is currently expanding their facilities in Bellingham to be able to take on more clients and to build more boats. This is my 10th video for All American Marine and its great to be a small part of their ongoing success.

Salmon Homecoming

NW Indian News


The annual Salmon Homecoming Celebration is a chance to honor the salmon and to learn about the importance of salmon to the Native Tribes of the area.

This years event was dedicated to the great leader, Billy Frank Jr., who was one of the founders of the event. Billy Frank worked tirelessly for the environment and for social justice. I’m honored to be able to share in this event and to share a small part of his story.

Mountain Camp

Tulalip tribes

Campaign Video

The decline of salmon populations in our local rivers is a complex and controversial topic that can often put landowners, tribes, and governement organizations on opposite sides of an issue.

Our goal was to share the stoty of stream restoration and salmon recovery,  but more importantly, we wanted to show that farmers, scientists, government organizations and tribal leaders can all benefit by working together to save the salmon.

In the few short weeks the film has been out, it has already shown at two local film screenings to large crowds and is continuing to share the story of the salmon.

Strawberry Festival

City of Marysville

Television Commercial

If you like carnival rides, strawberry shortcakes, and you want to watch grown men and women ride tricycles in the ever-popular Trike Race, then this is the spot for you. This television commercial was produced for the Marysville Strawberry Festival.

I’d like to think this commercial was the key to their success, but after 82 consecutive years of Strawberry Festivals, I have to admit they had a pretty big following long before I got involved. A big thanks to all who made this commercial possible.

Walking Mt. Baker

Volt Heated Slippers

Product Launch
Web Commercial

The Producer at 3V came to us with two goals: to reach a younger, more active audience, and to show that these slippers weren’t just for lounging on the couch. Rather than talk about the Volt Heated Slippers, we decided to show them in action on the slopes of Mount Baker.

Today the company continues to grow and expand its line of heated clothing.