Lake Padden

On Ice

Aerial Photography
Creative Video

I n 20 years of living in Bellingham, I have never seen Lake Padden freeze over quite like this. After a day of playing on the ice, I grabbed my drone and capture this magical  moment in time.

Access Bellingham

Bellingham Public Access

Promotional Video
Television Spot

When not creating commercial videos, I am fortunate to teach video and television production to others. Working with the City of Bellingham, I help members of our community create their videos for our City’s public access station.

We made this video to share a bit about “Access Bellingham” and to encourage people to get involved. Our goal was to keep it simple and fun, but still share the essential information people need to get started.

Want to get involved in public access? Go the about tab on this page and click the link to “Access Video Training”.

Catch More Crab

Modify Escape Hatch

Native News

Following the success of our “Catch More Crab” video series, I worked with NW Straits to produce a more in-depth look at best practices when crabbing. This video was designed to show viewers how to modify their crab pot to allow carb to escape in case it becomes lost.

Canoe Racing

NW Indigenous News

Native News

Every summer, Tribes from around the NW and Canada participate in traditional canoe races. In making this video I had a chance to work closely with champion canoe team, the Rikkole Cree Canoe Family.

For over 7 years I have produced regularly for NW Indigenous News. I’m blessed to be part of this amazing news organization.


Snack Perfection

Point of sale video
Target retail stores

This video made it’s debut as an instructional piece to show the simplicity and versatility of the Zippy. We recently repurposed the footage to create this point of sale video for retail.  I always enjoy when a video continues to have lasting value and to deliver returns far above investment.

The Zippy continues to grow in popularity and can now be found at your local Target stores, along with this fun video.

All American Marine

New Facility

Trade Show Video

I‘ve been lucky to have worked with All American Marine for the past 10 years, and watched them grow to become the leading passenger vessel manufacturer in the United States.

Last year AAM began construction of a new boat building facility that will increase not only the amount of boats they an build, but the size of boats available to customers. In order to preview the facility at an important trade show, we produced this video