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More Alike than Different

Cascade Connections reminds us that in the end we are all part of a shared community. Produced for their annual fundraising event.

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Travel with Care

A few reminders to help us stay safe on the roads. Produced for the City of Bellingham and the WA State Department of Transportation.

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Click Strap

See the new click-strap kayak tie-down in action.

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Life of Crime

Short film created for Bellingham’s “Storytellers Seasonal” film festival.

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Viking Ship

Building and launching the “Polaris”, an authentic Viking Ship build by Norsvald.

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All American Marine introduces the “Enhydra”, the largest electric-hybrid vessel in North America.

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What About Those Promises

A theatrical re-telling of the Treaty signing of 1865. Short documentary for Northwest Indian News.

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Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra

A look at how the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra changes the lives of the young people it touches. For Tulalip Tribes Raising Hands.

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Blue Dot

Blue Dot Refillery shares a new way to prevent plastic in the environment through reuse. Informational and fundraising campaign.

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Long Live the Kings

LLTK’s shares their work protecting and creating habitat for the King Salmon. Produced by Tulalip Tribes Raising Hands.

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Walking Mount Baker in Volt’s new heated slippers.

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Everyone Matters

Cascade Connections reminds us that everyone matters. Produced for their annual fundraising event.

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Island Hospital

Fundraising video for the Island Hospital Foundation.

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Strawberry Festival

Television commercial for the Marysville Strawberry Festival.