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Catch More Crab

Part of a video series and campaign to prevent lost crab pots from damaging the marine ecosystem. Produced for the NW Straits Foundation.

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Sharing the history and importance of protecting our last remaining estuaries. Produced for the City of Bellingham

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Bellingham Cider Company

BCC is now offering their award winning cider in cans. Watch it in action.

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Sharing the magic of the Progressive Animal Welfare Society. Produced by the Tulalip Tribes.

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Lake Union Sea Ray

YouTube pre-roll advertising the annual Boat Show. Edit and post-production by EJ Visuals.

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Lake Padden

Aerial footage of frozen Lake Padden. An amazing moment in time.

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Spark NW

See how Spark NW works for clean energy throughout Oregon and Washington. Produced by Tulalip Tribes Raising Hands.

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Angel from Montgomery

Raveis-Kole’s amazing take on a classic song.

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Introducing Grillville’s new line of BBQ accessories. One of a series of videos created for Amazon.

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All American Marine | Saratoga

Introducing All American Marine’s newest Whale Watching Vessel.

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Katie’s Nameless Melody

Collaboration with Dancer Katie V. and the music of Josh Gronner.

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Build Small, Live Large

This video was the cornerstone of a successful campaign to change zoning regulations in Bellingham.

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Restoring the River

A multi-agency partnership made up of local Tribes, community organizations and local governments are working to restore the Nooksack River.

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Paw Partner

The Paw Partner app promo video for kennels and pet businesses.