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I’m Eero Johnson. I’m a film and video producer living in Bellingham, Washington. For over 20 years I’ve produced commercials, corporate videos, web videos, documentaries, music videos, and just about every other kind of video or short film you can think of. I have a great group of clients and I love what I do.

A great video starts with a simple, focused idea and grows from there, and the best videos transcend technology and succeed through artistry.

That’s what I do – I create bold, inspirational works where beautiful images meet creative ideas in new and surprising ways.

I’d love to hear about your next project. I can be reached at:


Eero Johnson sharing footage in Mongolia | Documentary Film: “At the Door of the Sky”

Q and A

with Director Eero Johnson

How do you pronounce your name?

Eero is pronounced “arrow”. The name is from Finland, as is my mother. Popularized in crossword puzzles with its 3 vowels (clue: Finnish architect Saarinen). Just think “bow and arrow” and you’re on the right track.



How did you get started?

I began making movies on my Dad’s Super-8 camera when I was a kid. I played music in a pop cover band (called “the Look”), dabbled in visual arts, and worked on the other side of the camera as an actor in films and commercials. In the mid-90’s  I was hired to produce a promo video for an arts organization and never looked back. Through the years I’ve been fortunate to work with great directors, generous mentors, and collaborate with amazing artists. Unlike many people who get their start sitting in front of a computer screen, my skills developed through visual design, music, engaging audiences on stage, and creating art. These early sensibilities continue to shape my work today and contribute to the unique look and feel of EJ Visuals.



What kind of videos do you make?

I’ve worked on everything from feature films and documentaries to web and television commercials, training video, fundraising videos, music videos, live video mixing, art films, PSA’s, and just about anything else you can think of. I work on projects big and small. And I’d love to hear about yours.



Can you help my company grow?

YES! With over 20 years of experience, I’ve helped many companies reach their sales and marketing goals by leveraging the power of video. I’ll work with your marketing department to produce the script you’ve developed, or for smaller companies, I can work with you to hone your message to connect you with your audience in a powerful and exciting way. Click here to read what a few of my clients have said.



I just need some footage shot. Do you work freelance?

All the time. I’ve filmed for clients all over the US as well as in Europe and Asia. If you need something shot in the Pacific Northwest and don’t feel like flying a crew out here, give me a call. I offer individual services in filming, lighting, editing and just about anything else related to film and video.



What makes a great video?

I believe a great video starts with a clear, focused message or idea. I ask two questions before starting any project:


  • Who is the audience?
  • What do you want to tell them?


Then infuse those answers with beautiful images, emotion, creative ideas and an unexpected twist. And presto. Great video. It’s that easy.



How big is your crew?

I run as tight of crew as possible to get the job done. I operate camera on nearly every shoot and do the final edit on all of my videos. I have a great team of freelance videographers, audio engineers, production assistants, graphic artists, and animation specialists I turn to when I need their skills, but I am hands-on with every project. Your video will never be outsourced or left with the intern. You’ll get my full attention and experience every step of the way.



How much will this cost?

There are numerous factors that make up the cost of a video; days of shooting, length of final edit, talent and location costs are unique to each project. Until the plan is in place, it’s difficult to come up with a number. The production costs for most projects you’ll see on my site run between $4,000 – $10,000. Often it helps to work backwards, starting with your goals and  budget; then determining how to meet both.  I do free consultations. We’ll talk on the phone or meet for coffee and find out if my skills are a good match for your needs. 360.510.8420.



Should I call?

Yes. For many people video production can be intimidating. Falling somewhere between a quirky cell phone video and a multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercial, it can be hard to know where to start, what to spend, and what to expect. I am here to answer all of those questions. You may find it’s easier and more affordable than you thought.


I can be reached at: