Restoring the River


Community Awareness

The decline of salmon populations in our local rivers is a complex and controversial issue. And while there are many perspectives, there is no denying that the endangered Wild Spring Chinook are down to dangerously low numbers.

Our goal was to share the story of stream restoration and salmon recovery from different perspectives, to show that farmers, landowners, governmental organizations and Native Tribes can all benefit by working together to restore the river.

In the few short weeks the film has been out, it has already been invited to two local screenings to large crowds –  with more to come.



NW Straits

Catch More Crab

Outreach Campaign

Over 12,000 Crab Pots are lost each year in Puget Sound, resulting in environmental damage, loss of sea birds and mammals, and over a half a million dollars in lost revenue annually.

Working with NW Straits, we developed a series of videos for Facebook and social media to educate people on best practices when crabbing. The videos have been a “tremendous success” and have led to a record number of phone calls and inquires from people wanting to learn how to prevent their crab pot from being lost.

Travel with Care

City of Bellingham


A s a response to recent collisions between cars and bikes or pedestrians, the City of Bellingham partnered with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and EJ Visuals  to create a campaign to remind us all to stay safe and share the road.

Our task was to develop and execute a high energy video while still keeping the information clear and well organized.

Tribal Canoe Journey

Voices of Nisqually

Norhwest Indigenous News
Television Segment

For the past 7 years I have had the honor of following the Tribal Canoe Journey, following the journey of over 100 canoes as they travel the Salish Sea. This year’s Journey took us to the Nisqually Tribe and a week long celebration of history and culture.

This video is part of a 30-minute series I filmed and editied for NWIN, produced by the Tulalip Tribes. The segment shares stories from the landing at Nisqually.


Promo Video

website video
point of sale video

Our goal was to introduce the click-strap to kayakers and paddle boarders in a way that engaged the viewer without being “salesy”. We wanted a video with a strong focus on the people using the click-strap, rather than just the product.

Blending the simplicity of the click-strap with the excitement of kayaking and water sports, the video found it’s audience and the makers of the click-strap are now working toward a licensing agreement with one of the major rack companies.