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Paw Partner


Web Video
Social Media
Promotional Video

From the moment I met Monty the dog I knew he was the right spokesperson for the Paw Partner Premium app.

Our goal was to introduce Paw Partner to the world in a way that was fun and creative and reached an audience of dog and cat owners.

This is our second video with the fantastic crew at Paw Partner, with more on the way.


Big Brothers

Big Sisters

Raising Hands

Event Showcase
Community Outreach

Our goal with this video was to take an inside look at the life changing connection built through mentoring and being mentored, as well as learn a about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

We told the story through the experience of Sarah and Mercie, a Big Sister and Little Sister. Their relationship, like so many in the program, has developed into a lifelong friendship. It was a pleasure to share their day and see how Big Brothers Big Sisters enriches the lives of the people involved.

This video was produced as part of the Raising Hands event at Tulalip and debuted on a big screen in front of a full crowd. Raising Hands shares how the work of charitable organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters is improving our community


Access Bellingham

City of Bellingham

TV Show Opener

Access Bellingham is our City’s Public Access Television Station. The program needed a show opener that would let people know they are no longer watching government programming, but switching to all community created content.

Our goal was to create something quirky, handmade, and retro; to break some rules and give it a “Bellingham vibe”

Now that is a fun creative brief to work from.

I am also fortunate to work with the City to design curriculum for the program and instruct the Access Bellingham video production training program.


Build Small
Live Large

Fairhaven Community

Educational Video

This video was fundamental to a successful campaign demonstrating the merits of smaller homes. The goal was to preserve our neighborhoods by encouraging alternative housing options, and encourage infill rather than urban sprawl.

We choose a documentary style of following three families that had chosen to simplify their lives and their homes in order to have more meaningful lives.

The video was shown at city meetings and public hearings and ultimately regulations were adjusted to encourage smaller living spaces within the City; protecting farm lands and forests while preserving our wonderful neighborhoods.

Integra Conference


Promotional Video
Social Media

Every year, the Integra conference helps Pharmacies stay educated on trending issues and network with other pharmacy businesses.

Our goal was to create a fun and snappy video to let the audience know a bit about the event and to create a buzz around the conference.

This video is a good example of how a successful video can be created with limited assets and using primarily photos and graphics.

This is one of many videos we’ve produced with the wonderful team at Integra.

Cascade Stories

Cascade Connections

Event Video
Community Outreach

Every year, we work with Cascade Connections to produce a video for their annual fundraising event, “The Hamster Ball”. The videos are highly successful for their fundraising efforts and this year was no exception.

For this campaign, we choose to tell the story of a person whose life has been transformed by the work of Cascade Connections.  We made three videos, one for each of their departments, each telling a different story. This video is Amy’s story.

After several years of working with Cascade Connections, I am still inspired by the amazing people I meet: those who overcome obstacles I can’t imagine, and by the caring team that work for Cascade,

A New Way

Blue Dot Refillery

Fundraising Video

Blue Dot Rifillery is a new way to reduce and reuse plastic in our environment.

This simple video is a message from founder Kate Clark. Our goal was to give the audience a chance to meet the founder and to hear her vision first hand – without a lot of bells and whistles. This is a great example of how to organize goals, concept and shooting schedule around a more modest budget.

This video is currently being used for fundraising.

Tulalip Tribes

History of the Tulalips

Event Video
Community Outreach

 The Tulalip Tribe’s have a long history of economic development, job creation, environmental protection, cultural vibrancy, and caring for youth and elders. Despite this history, many are not aware of the positive impact the Tribe makes in their community.

This video was created to share a bit of the History of the Tulalip Tribes, and to help the surrounding community better understand their indigenous neighbors.

I was honored to work with Chairwoman Teri Gobin, the Hibulb Museum, the Tulalip Charitable Fund, Frogfoot Communications, the Tulalip History Project and many other dedicated individuals in the production of this video.



BBQ Skewers


Amazon Sales

Grillville is new line of BBQ accessories developed by our long time clients and friends at the Magellan group.

In this series of videos, we wanted to demonstrate the products in a way that was inviting and friendly. To do this we conceived of Grillville as a place. The “Welcome to Grillville” campaign suggests that Grillville is more than just a line of BBQ accessories, but a backyard where grilling up an amazing meal for friends is a way of life.

This is one of a series of videos used to market the Grillville line on Amazon.


Katie’s Nameless Melody

Josh Gronner
Katie Vopnford

Music and Dance Video

Combining the music of Josh Gronner (of Laughing Matters) and the improvisational modern dance of Katie Vopnford, we created this video.

I’m fortunate to have amazing and talented friends.