Washington Traffic Safety Commission

Creative Brief: To remind motorcyclists to ride safe, and to deliver the message in a way that would appeal to the motorcycle community.

Strategy:  To “Ride Your Ride” means to ride smart and to make your own safety decisions. We borrowed this popular wisdom and blended it with cinematic motorcycle shots.

Deliverables: YouTube pre-roll PSA in anticipation of the motorcycle season. Continued use.


Allied Arts | Whatcom Cultural Arts Festival

Creative Brief: Share how the Cultural Festival supports cultural diversity and shared community through art.  

Strategy: Bring together the diverse voices of the artists, musicians, vendors and other stakeholders  who share why they choose to support the festival.

Deliverables: Video for Website, YouTube, grant fundraising, and shared to attract future sponsors.


David Syre | Gallery Syre

Creative Brief:  Meet international artist David Syre and introduce his new watercolors show.

Strategy: Give viewers an inside look at David Syre’s newest work and his creative process. Filmed at his studio in Tucson, Arizona.

Deliverables:  Created as at film for Gallery Syre. Additional share for website, YouTube, social media, and art exhibitions.


Washington Traffic Safety Commission

Creative Brief: In an ongoing effort to reduce traffic fatalities, we were challenged to remind people that we all have a responsibility to share the road.

Strategy:  We chose to talk to real people who remind us that driving safe is about being part of our community.

Deliverables: This was 1 of 4 videos in the series. Created for Bellingham Television and YouTube.


Hanging H Social Media

Creative Brief:  Showcase the diverse capabilities of Hanging H on social media.

Strategy: Create short videos from footage taken at Hanging H projects. We have currently created over 50 videos for Hanging H social media.

Deliverables: Facebook and Instagram.


Paw Partner

Creative Brief: Show how Paw Partner, pet software app, stands apart from the competition.

Strategy: While most Apps in the pet industry are created by tech companies, Paw Partner founders Austin and Lindsay own a kennel and know the business.  We share how their unique story led to the best pet software app in the industry.

Deliverables: Website, YouTube, Sales Video


Facsimile Photo Restoration

Creative Brief: Introduce Facsimile and show viewers the artistry and service that set them apart.

Strategy: Interview owner and lead restoration artist, Jenn, and share how her background in photography and her love of her work creates a unique and personal experience for her clients.

Deliverables: Video primarily for website, with options for secondary delivery.


Bellingham Nightlife

Creative Brief: Create an attention grabbing “sizzle” video for the Bellingham Nightlife website.

Strategy: Aerial shots are a tried-and-true attention grabber, and we knew drone shots over Bellingham at night would create the “sizzle” we needed.

Deliverables: Website looping background.


Seattle University, Indigenous Peoples Institute

Creative Brief: Show how the IPI shares Indigenous Culture and helps Indigenous Students succeed at Seattle University.

Strategy: Weave together interviews and footage of the director, students, and founders who share the mission of the IPI.

Deliverables: Promotional media for Seattle University IPI. Produced for the “Raising Hands” event sponsored by the Tulip Tribes.


Harvest Against Hunger

Creative Brief: Share how Harvest Against Hunger makes a difference in the community.

Strategy: Show the unique connection Harvest fosters between farms and food banks and how this work provides accessible and affordable healthy produce for those in need.

Deliverables: Promotional media for Harvest Against Hunger. Produced for the “Raising Hands” event sponsored by the Tulip Tribes.


Stanwood Historical Society

Creative Brief: Share the work of the Historical Society in preserving the history of Stanwood.

Strategy: Provide viewers a tour of the grounds and the collections, and hear from the people who have dedicated themselves to preserving history.

Deliverables: Promotional media for the Historical Society. Produced for the “Raising Hands” event sponsored by the Tulip Tribes.


School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

Creative Brief: Share how the NW School impacts the lives of the children and community it serves.

Strategy: Meet the teachers, director and students at the school and share their unique stories.

Deliverables: Promotional media for the NW School. Produced for the “Raising Hands” event sponsored by the Tulip Tribes.