Currently Seeking:

Production Assistant


EJ Visuals is currently seeking a Video Production Assistant (PA) to help with upcoming video and film shoots.  As a small production company, we always fill various roles as needed. Unlike a “Hollywood” PA,  this role is very hands-on. You will be responsible for carrying gear, helping set up lights, running camera, possibly working on post-production, and numerous other tasks.

The ideal candidate will be interested in growing their skills and becoming part of the team.

This is a very part-time position and demands a lot of flexibility. The amount of work and the nature of the work is entirely based on what new film and video projects come through the door, as well as your specific skills. You may be working a couple of days a week, or may go a month without a call. 

This is a freelance (1099) position.

I currently have one additional PA on the roster, so you would not be expected to always be available.



Support and assist on-location video production. This often means carrying heavy gear and being on your feet much of the day. It also demands a professional work ethic. Although it may seem obvious, being punctual, honoring commitments, clear communication, and professional attitude are essential.


Required Qualifications:

  • Have a flexible schedule.  Our work schedule is dependent on what work is available.
  • Be professional, timely, and a good communicator.
  • Have a creative eye and strong artistic sensibilities. You will be asked to make creative decisions on set.
  • Interested in being part of the EJ Visuals team.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • The ideal candidate will be interested in growing their video and film skills. My hope is to find someone interested in learning how to run camera, set up lights, and edit video.
  • Previous interest and experience in creative endeavors such as: video, photography, music, visuals arts, or writing.
  • Basic understanding of social media and best practices in social media (primarily Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube)
  • Specific skills in video and video editing.



Please send a letter to:


  • Who you are and why you are interested in the position.
  • How your skills and experience match up to the responsibilities and qualifications listed above.
  • Include links to any artistic work you can share.
  • Availability

Also include general resume.


Final Note:

Though this is an entry level position, there is a lot of room for growth.  I’m hoping to find someone who not only supports projects at the most basic level, but is also interested in growing their skills, becoming more independent, and adding value to our work.