Video Search Engine Optimization


I offer a basic “nuts-and-bolts” video SEO package designed to give your video an advantage on Google and YouTube. The program is very simple, and it works. By optimizing your video for the Youtube and Google search engines, you greatly increase your chances of being found in a web search, and turning those views into sales, leads, or web traffic. The program includes:

  • optimized custom thumbnail
  • video keyword research (differs than Google / website keywords)
  • customized video file
  • ready for social media sharing
  • link to your business website
  • relevant title, tags and descriptors
  • and a few secrets I have up my sleeves

You could easily spend thousands of dollars or more on a social media program, but this is the foundation.  I feel that these simple steps are a great value for your dollar, and are a necessity if you plan to have your video seen on Google and YouTube. The fee for the work above is $350.

If you are an EJ Visuals client and we have produced your video, the fee is $200.

The First Step? You need a great video.


Seriously.  If viewers watch your video and like your video  – then your video will do well.

User engagement is the single most important element to getting first page rankings on YouTube and Google. YouTube uses an extremely complex algorythm for a very simple result – to give priority to videos that people like. While my SEO services can give you an edge over the competition, the real trick is to make a great video.

Luckily, great video is our specialty. To find out about EJ Visuals video production services click here.

Why YouTube?


There are endless debates about the best way to share your video online – YouTube? Vimeo? Host it yourself?

I believe YouTube needs to be part of the plan. A few of the reasons are:


  • Since Google owns YouTube, you have a great advantage for anyone searching for you on Google (which is basically everyone).
  • YouTube is constantly improving their player to deliver the best experience for every viewer.
  • The videos are extremely easy to add to your website.
  • 30 million visitors a day is hard to argue with.

Why do I need Video SEO?


If your video is not set up correctly, it is extremely difficult for people to find it online. Essentially, the search engines don’t know your video exists. So when people search they come up with … someone else’s video.

While my main focus is video production, I’ve learned that even a great video doesn’t have much value unless it gets seen. So I offer video optimization as an additional service to make sure you are getting the most out of your video. It takes a few hours of my time and is basically the foundation that your video will build from online.

Before I offered this service, many of my clients took it upon themselves to put their videos online. Usually I’d give a few pointers and then hope for the best. Unfortunately, more often than not, this didn’t work. People either ran out of time or interest, or went through a series of missteps that ended up taking time to undo.

I realized that by offering this service, I can help your video be successful and save you time and money.

How do I get started?


To get started simply contact me, director Eero Johnson. To go to my contact page click here.